Work Injury Lawyer Effingham IL

Work Injury Lawyer Effingham, IL

Suffering an injury on the job can create several problems, ranging from trying to recuperate to dealing with an employer that refuses to accept responsibility for the injury. Because of the costs associated with comprehensive medical care, you cannot afford to roll the legal dice with an inexperienced worker’s compensation lawyer.

Workers’ compensation attorneys Steve Hanagan and Brian McGovern have helped clients process thousands of workers’ comp claims. Our legal team not only provides highly rated workers’ compensation services, we also help our clients ease the physical and emotional pain generated by becoming hurt or even disabled because of a work-related incident.

When we work with new clients, one of our primary objectives is to answer every question thoroughly to build the level of trust required to win workers’ compensation cases.

Here are some of the most frequently ask questions our workers’ comp team receives:

What is Workers’ Compensation?

In Illinois, the workers’ compensation system permits workers injured on the job to request certain benefits, without having to fight employers in court for justifiable monetary damages. As opposed to a personal injury case, an Illinois workers’ comp claim does not require workers to prove employer negligence. Illinois workers’ comp also takes care of lost wages and medical expenses. The law does not allow workers to sue for personal injury liability.

How Long Have You Handled Workers’ Compensation Cases

Experience matters for handling Illinois workers’ compensation cases. At Hanagan & McGovern, our legal team has amassed more than 50 years of combined experience litigating workers’ comp and personal injury cases.

Do You Understand Medical Care Issues?

It is rare to find a lawyer that has both legal and healthcare experience. However, you need to work with an attorney that understands complex medical issues. At our highly rated law firm, you will work with an experienced lawyer that thoroughly understands health care problems.

What Percentage of Cases Does Your Team Litigate?

The more the merrier is not our philosophy when it comes to litigating workers’ compensation cases. Illinois law is very clear on the process for handling workers’ comp claims. Therefore, it is unusual for our law office to take employers to court. We also believe in negotiating settlements that take care of our clients financially.

Do You Have Clients I Can Talk to about Your Services?

Word of mouth advertising is still a powerful marketing tool, and we encourage you to speak with one or more of our former workers’ compensation clients. You can also access client testimonials on our website.

If I Hire You, What Can I Expect During the First 30 Days?

Your employer will want documentation of your injury, as well as any costs associated with rehabilitation. Illinois workers’ comp law is specific when it comes to deadlines and we ensure every client submit the proper paperwork well in advance of each deadline. Your goal is to get better and we make sure that happens by taking care of every legal component of a workers’ compensation case.

What Do I Need to Know about the Insurance Company?

We deal with insurance matters and the most important thing to know is to not sign any financial compensation agreement without first checking with our legal team.

What Should I Do to Bolster My Case?

Keep meticulous records about everything that concerns your injury, from medical bills to any email correspondence with the insurance company.

What is My Case Worth?

Beware of lawyers that promise you a big pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. We will not know exactly how much your workers’ comp case is worth until we file the last of the paperwork and digital documentation. Our legal teams has handled workers’ compensation cases worth a few hundred dollars to more than $1 million.

Do not allow a green team of attorneys handle your workers’ comp case. Call our office at 618-241-9251 or complete the convenient online form to schedule a free initial consultation.

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