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Over the years we have found that a lot of our workers compensation and personal injury clients want more information about their injury, and the legal process that is involved with their claims. While we spend as much time as needed to explain injuries and the process involved, many clients forget to ask questions. You should call us with questions, but these resources may be helpful as well.

Medical Questions

There is a wealth of information on the internet about specific injuries, but much of it is incomplete or not applicable to a given situation.  There are a lot of variables when it comes to injuries, so please use this information for general purposes rather than your specific injury.  We strongly advise against using any internet sources to try to diagnose your specific medical condition.  You just aren’t going to outperform your doctor who has years of education and experience treating your injury.  However, using these sites for general information may be helpful to understanding what your injury involves and may raise some important questions you may want to ask your doctor.  Three of the more credible sites we have seen are listed below.  Just enter your injury as a search term on the sites.

Where to Find Affordable Medications

Our workers compensation clients normally do not need to worry about paying for medications, as the cost of medications should be 100% covered by the workers’ compensation insurance carrier.  Car accident patients and non-workers’ comp clients do have this concern.  You can certainly user your favorite pharmacy if you like, but if you have the need to search for the lowest price for your medicine in your area, the two sites listed below will give you local prices on the medicines your doctor has prescribed.

  • Good RX  – gives prices at all of your local pharmacies for comparison and offers printable coupons.
  • Drug Discount Network – Enter your medication and your zip code and compare the prices.

Please note that we do not recommend online pharmacies for a number of reasons.

Current Southern Illinois News Sources

The following news sources can be helpful from time to time in order to track down information that was published about a wreck or the people involved in an occurrence.


A Few Other Sites We Use

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