Auto Accidents and Medical Bills: Who Pays?

Traffic accidents can be an overwhelming experience even when there are no injuries. When you add in the stress that medical expenses can cause, the situation can be a dire one, indeed. This is especially true when you aren’t sure how to cover your medical bills while your personal injury claim is getting resolved. Let’s look at some of the options you might have at your disposal!
A rather common clause included in many car insurance policies is medical payments coverage, also known as “medical payment coverage.” MedPay. This coverage generally specifies a amount of medical expenses your insurance company will cover before you are responsible. This can be an excellent option for motorists to help ensure that at least some of their medical expenses are paid in the event of an accident. With that said, this is an optional clause, and you might not have included it with your policy. Reach out to your own insurance company to find out for sure.
Third Party Insurance
Was your accident caused by someone else? They might be on the hook for your medical bills if so. Keep in mind, however, that you won’t receive this money until after your claim is settled. That means that you’ll still have to figure out how to pay for medical bills, or hold off the medical providers, until you receive compensation from the responsible party’s insurance coverage. Don’t expect your care provider to bill the other driver. While this might seem unfair, you will be responsible for paying these expenses up front. Failing to do so could see them sent to collections.
You might be familiar with the idea of a “lien” in context with taxes; however, they can be taken out for medical payments, too. These can be liens that are filed against your injury claim. These are meant to ensure that you will pay your medical debt once you receive compensation from your injury case. In exchange for this guarantee, the medical provider sometimes might agree to treat you without billing you until your case is settled.
Your Health Insurance
Do you have health insurance? If so, you’ll probably want to send your bills to your health insurance for payment. They will want their money back you’re your injury claim but doing this can at least get some of the bills paid while you are waiting for your claim to be resolved. Note that it’s important to understand what your policy says about copays and initial expense fees. You might have to cover a certain amount of money before your insurance will kick in, and even once that threshold is met, you still might be responsible for copays and similar expenses. Contact your provider to ensure you fully understand your coverage.
You can, of course, pay your bills with cash. Note that many medical establishments will offer a discounted statement if you pay in one bulk sum, so make sure to reach out to the billing department to see your options. If you do pay by cash, make sure that you keep receipts for the payments, as you will need them to be reimbursed for your expenses.
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