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7 Tips When Dealing with an Insurance Adjuster

If you’ve been in an accident, the chances are good that you’ll need to communicate with an insurance company at some point during the recovery process. It is incredibly important that you keep a few basic guidelines in mind when speaking with adjusters, no matter honest they seem. Let’s take a look at seven tips to help make the process a fairer one for victims.Continue reading

How much is my Workers’ Compensation case Worth?

 A common question we hear when talking to clients is, “how much is my case worth?”  If you are hurt on the job in Illinois you are going to hear terms like PPD or “percentage loss of use,” and they can be confusing.  Hopefully, we can clear that up a bit.   Almost every Illinois work injury has some settlement value.  When you are doneContinue reading

FCE and Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation claims can be difficult cases to get through, physically, mentally, and financially. Because the legal process to settle a workers’ compensation claim can be such a long, stressful one, it is common to see clients struggle with many different issues along the way. One of the most important waypoints to finalizing a workers’ compensation case is by an FCE, and it can beContinue reading

Are Your SI Joints Causing Your Chronic Low Back Pain?

Many people have lived with chronic back pain for years. Whether merely a nagging inconvenience or a debilitating pain, chronic back pain at its least decreases quality of life and at its worse can be disabling. In fact, some impressive statistics concerning lower back pain include that it is the most significant cause of disability in the entire world and it is one of the leadingContinue reading

Chronic Pain Management: An Update on the Opioid Crisis

Back in 2013, we published a close look at the rising opioid crisis. It focuses on the likely impact on access to pain medication for those who truly need it. In short, it was clear that regulations would tighten in response to addictions sweeping regions and increasing death rates. At the time, we predicted that general practitioners would see limits on their ability to prescribeContinue reading

What do lawyers mean by a “free consultation?”

While many firms work differently, Hanagan & McGovern offers free consultations to people with workers’ compensation, personal injury, disability and death claims. Frequently, people don’t really need a lawyer to handle their case. What they do need is a little information on how the legal system works in their specific situation. If your case is simple enough and we don’t expect you will see aContinue reading

Average Weekly Wage (AWW) – The Basis for Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Before any discussion of workers’ compensation benefits can be meaningful, it is essential to understand the concept of the Average Weekly Wage (AWW).  The AWW forms the basis for most benefits a worker will receive during the course of a workers’ compensation claim.   Because the Average Weekly Wage directly affects how much compensation a worker is paid, workers are ill-advised to simply take theirContinue reading

Do I Need To Report A Work Accident?

As is likely true in every state, in Illinois it is important that an injured worker report a work accident to their employer as soon as reasonably possible after the accident.  Giving timely notice of an accident is often critical for the worker to avoid a disputed compensation claim. Delay In Giving Notice Can Be Fatal To A Workers’ Compensation Claim Section 6(c) of theContinue reading

Off Work on Workers’ Comp and Thinking of Retiring? THINK AGAIN!

From time to time, we see the situation where an employee with many years at their job decides to retire following a serious injury but before they have concluded their workers’ compensation claim.  Normally, they reason that since they will not be able to return to their job due to their injuries, they might as well go ahead and retire so they can receive theirContinue reading

What is a “Wrongful” Termination?

After having five or six wrongful termination questions in as many days, we thought it would be a good idea to discuss what a “wrongful” termination claim really is.  It seems that many people don’t seem to understand what these claims are about. We start our analysis by recognizing that just about everyone that has ever been terminated from a job thinks that their terminationContinue reading