What do lawyers mean by a “free consultation?”

While many firms work differently, Hanagan & McGovern offers free consultations to people with workers’ compensation, personal injury, disability and death claims. Frequently, people don’t really need a lawyer to handle their case. What they do need is a little information on how the legal system works in their specific situation.

If your case is simple enough and we don’t expect you will see a significant benefit from legal representation, we tell you so up-front and give you the information you need to pursue the claim on your own. And, you don’t ever have to worry about getting a bill from us if you call back with more questions. We frequently discuss legal matters with people on more than one occasion without charging a fee. In fact, we don’t charge a fee unless we are able to recover for you, regardless of how often we may talk with you.

If you have questions about an injury, disability or death claim, you have no reason to fear getting a bill. Give us a call.