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Work Injury Lawyer Effingham IL

Work Injury Lawyer Effingham, IL Suffering an injury on the job can create several problems, ranging from trying to recuperate to dealing with an employer that refuses to accept responsibility for the injury. Because of the costs associated with comprehensive medical care, you cannot afford to roll the legal dice with an inexperienced worker’s compensation … Continue reading Work Injury Lawyer Effingham IL

Uninsured Employers Beware

In years past, there was a great deal of frustration with employers operating without workers’ compensation insurance coverage in Illinois.  Even though employers have always been required to provide insurance, or show financial responsibility, they did not always do so.  As a result, we saw a number of clients with serious injuries left out in … Continue reading Uninsured Employers Beware

Menard Work Comp Claims – Jumping Down the Rabbit Hole

Like most people interested in the Illinois workers compensation system, we have been reading the Belleville News-Democrat’s unfolding coverage about the Illinois Department of Corrections debacle at the Menard Correctional Center.  It seems that over the past several years there have been a large number of claims for repetitive stress injuries reported by the staff … Continue reading Menard Work Comp Claims – Jumping Down the Rabbit Hole