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How much is my Workers’ Compensation case Worth?

 A common question we hear when talking to clients is, “how much is my case worth?”  If you are hurt on the job in Illinois you are going to hear terms like PPD or “percentage loss of use,” and they can be confusing.  Hopefully, we can clear that up a bit.   Almost every Illinois work injury has some settlement value.  When you are doneContinue reading

Average Weekly Wage (AWW) – The Basis for Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Before any discussion of workers’ compensation benefits can be meaningful, it is essential to understand the concept of the Average Weekly Wage (AWW).  The AWW forms the basis for most benefits a worker will receive during the course of a workers’ compensation claim.   Because the Average Weekly Wage directly affects how much compensation a worker is paid, workers are ill-advised to simply take theirContinue reading