Injured Workers: Be Careful With Your Release to Return to Work

Every few years we see a particularly vicious claims practice resurface in workers’ compensation claims.  Most often it involves younger workers and smaller employers, but it isn’t just limited to them.  This practice involves an employer tricking the injured worker to get a full duty release to return to work when they aren’t physically able to do so.  Workers have to use extreme caution inContinue reading

Injured Workers – You Don’t Have to Accept an AMA Guide Settlement – Just Say No!

We’ve been getting calls lately from people who have received workers compensation settlement offers from the insurance company for only a small fraction of what their coworkers got six months ago.  Most often, the insurance company told them they had to accept a settlement because a doctor gave them a disability rating under the American Medical Association’s (AMA) Guidelines to impairment.  At times an uninformedContinue reading

Industry Can Pay Them Now or We Must Pay Them Later

For our inaugural post, we thought it important to start with a discussion on the fundamental concept behind the workers’ compensation system.  Every so often people – industry and politicians in particular – lose sight of why we have a workers’ compensation system to begin with.  Given the events in the Illinois legislature over the past year, it seems like a good time for aContinue reading


We’re really excited to introduce our blog, and about the opportunity it gives us to interact with the public and the legal community interested in the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act.  Over the course of the next few months we’ll be discussing the basics of work comp law with an eye toward providing a simple explanation of how the system works and why.  As topics ofContinue reading